Ban by mistake



Hello. My acc wa banned with no reason at 20/10/2017. I bought subscription for 11 dollars and after 3 games i wenr to the kitchen take tea. And when I came to computer I saw on monitor notification of banned acc ( Than I wrote to support from another acc because it impossible write to support from banned acc. And after that my second acc was banned too ( So, what will you do with this my acc after 2 bans with NO REASON. I just gave you money but you send me f*ck.
P.S. I have never played with cheats in cs go. Its mistake of your worthless anticheat.
P.S.S. Sorry for my English, I’m from Russia



Banned are banned - Read masters_csgo replay and I also wish to include this:

So don’t make another account, it will just get banned again.