“Balance” with dumbheads in team as default



Tell me please, how can i get better teammates ? I mean I can’t rank up from 4-5 lvl since the previous summer, how do u guess why ? Right ! Because of this dumb and unfinished “balance”. Unfortunately, every freaking match, I have teammates with average: 20-100 matches and always less than 1.00 K/D, when I have ~700 matches, 1.23 K/D and almost always positive K/D. Why do i always have those dumb teammates, which don’t say info, shoot like silvers and think like guys with Down syndrome ? I’m just so tired to have win streaks and lose streaks after… Today i got to be ranked up, I just needed 13 ELO more to have my 6 lvl and guess what happened ? Yeah, i got 3 dumbheads in my team… They didn’t speak, they didn’t shoot well, moreover, one of them was really toxic ! He didn’t drop and was talking shit. I’m just so upset that I try hard every game, always prepare my aim on special warming up map and get these dumbheads. Please, tell me, how do i fix it ? I’m so tired… Don’t say me about premium, I know that guys have the same problem there. I don’t want to play ESEA and matchmaking what is much worse…