Are there any other accounts attached to me?

Are there any other accounts attached to me?
I just want to start playing qualifications and don’t want something to stop me from doing this?
And yet, do I not receive messages in the mail from faceit.
I get messages from faceit only if people add me friends.
I wrote several times in support of faceit and I don’t even receive messages that I sent a request

Give more details what is stopping you from playing Faceit.

Nothing bothers me, I just want to know if there are any other accounts that are somehow related to me?

I just recently clicked on a scam link and a steam account was stolen from me, along with the mail. And I want to make sure that everything is fine.
I’m all back
Sorry, I’m just using a translator.

You can register unique steam account game once. If other people who has access to your steam acc does not register other games with Faceit than your good.

Can you see if there are any other faceit accounts attached to my ip or pc components? I just bought on the secondary motherboard with a processor and ssd with a hard disk and another RAM

I just heard that faceit banned ip mac and hardware, and nobody told me when I bought components what and how they played
I just don’t understand it all.

Can you change my name to faceit? I just didn’t like the name Dragonborn. If you can then change my nickname to LingeRcs. And one more question, why I don’t receive messages from faceit on my mail, I just piked about support and I didn’t even receive a message that I sent a request

thank you in advance

Any multiple Faceit account will be permanently banned not multiple PC`s.

Change Faceit nickname:

I understand that if I do not have a ban, then everything is fine?

Read rules if you don`t want to get ban!