Are the Faceit devs even working on an anti-cheat client for Mac and Linux?

They said that anti-cheat clients for Mac and Linux were being looked into, however that was nearly 3 years ago.

So at this point I’m just wondering if we’ll ever even see a Facet anti-cheat client for Mac and Linux, because not being able to play Faceit is really annoying.

Answer is no. Mac and Linux purpose is not gaming.

No operating systems “purpose” is gaming bud.

You’re literally alienating a portion of the game’s player base away from your own service.

You talk about some scaft games that was made for Mac or Linux. No one gonna waste money for few % of player base.

Is that why Valve bothered making this game OS X and Linux compatible?

They have nothing to do. Thats why CS GO is only normal FPS game in these platforms. Iam still talking about player base.