API bug /players


curl -X GET “https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/players?game=pubg&game_player_id=account.818f5a0e41ae49dca97de396a1f52a32” -H “accept: application/json”
I’m getting this response: Code: 404 / “message”: “The resource was not found.”

But there’s a guy, with this pubg player_id:

“player_id”: “d0b28a2e-5b92-4ce2-82cb-e38a55b25a55”,
“nickname”: “Deaduwka”,
“games”: {
“pubg”: {
“game_profile_id”: “23786b03-9aaa-4917-9cd8-b4388b8f13db”,
“region”: “EU”,
“regions”: null,
“skill_level_label”: “3”,
“game_player_id”: “account.818f5a0e41ae49dca97de396a1f52a32”,
“skill_level”: 3,
“faceit_elo”: 1044,
“game_player_name”: “Deaduwka”


It’s a API bug or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Freesty1er,
you’re doing it right, it looks like an issue that involves only some players.
If it’s a bug, we will fix it asap.
I’ll let you know
thank you for the feedback



@FACEITlore, yes, for most players it works fine, only some of them are bugged.

Another one:
“game”: “pubg”
“game_player_id”: “account.48927aad22cc4f6ebbf0d5408b84fadd”
“player_id”: “e2db554d-b684-48c7-a672-c83f96e98fd8”


Hi Freesty1er,
good news!
It took us a while (was not so trivial)… but the issue has been resolved!
Can you check if it looks ok now?

Thanks again for the feedback!