AntiCheat forced on me but can't use it because of Windows


Hi there,

First of all I am just reporting my experience as a user to give you a bit of insight about how I feel about the situation, but of course if there are any fixes or help that can communicated that would be very helpful.

I’ve been playing a few matches on Faceit with friends the last few days just because overall the likelihood of playing cheaters is lower than on matchmaking and the quality of the servers seems higher.

Now after a few days of playing I have been required to turn on the anticheat (I don’t know if it’s because I’ve reached a certain level, or certain number of matches or because I’ve somehow been reported).

Anyway after I saw that message I downloaded both the Faceit program as well as the anticheat. I rebooted and did everything it says, and I got a popup saying I didn’t have the latest windows updates, I just clicked ok and the anticheat turned itself on and I was ready to play.

We find a match and join the server, I play the knife round and at the beginning of the pistol round and I get kicked out for apparently “not being connected to VAC” and the message giving several reasons such as lost connection to the VAC servers, or cheats or a couple of other reasons. None of which seemed to be possible.

In any case, after a bit of research I find out that it’s because I don’t have the latest windows updates. I just wish that initial popup which told me about that also had told me that if I proceed with playing I will be kicked out of the server after knife round (not during warmup) meaning my friends have to play an entire game 4v5… That’s my first feedback. In that first popup It should be made clear that windows updates need to be the latest version otherwise you’re not able to play.

Now I have installed all windows updates, and 1 update doesn’t seem to install, it just fails everytime, it’s update “Feature update to Windows 10, 1803”.

I have reinstalled windows, launched all the updates and the same thing happens.

So every time I try to launch the faceit anticheat I get the popup “Warning your system hasn’t been patched against critical Windows security vulnerabilities. Please run Windows Update before July 1st, 2018 to keep using FACEIT AC.”

I can still click ok and get the anticheat to work, but once in game I’ll be kicked again and let my friends down.

So now, I’m left with no other options than to stop playing on Faceit, which is a shame as I was considering buying premium - which would be pointless as I can’t run the anticheat because of some silly windows updates.

Is there a fix for this rather than the obvious “keep trying to reinstall and update windows”?

Should I do like all the other people who create smurf accounts? Or simply just give up playing on Faceit altogether and resort to just playing matchmaking? Is that really what I have to come to because of some silly windows updates?

Thanks in advance for your responses.