Anticheat for OSMac


Hello everybody and FACEIT

I know a lot of my friends (include) myself gaming on a Mac pc. I love playing CSGO and got Global Elite for 2month ago and now feeling ready to aim higher on FACEIT on your services. I really enjoy play on your servers and the fact making the game more real.
Now to the real talk - after playing some games its not possible to play any further without install “Anticheat” which is a cool fact, who likes to play against cheaters? Well that said, its not possible for me or my friends to play any further on via your services, without pay for a new Mircosoft computer. All im / we saying is could you please make the client or atlest anticheat available for MacOS, since its still playable via a browser. I know for a fact im not only talking for myself, my friends but a lot more gamers. I think FACEIT is a huge platform for CSGO gamers and its important to keep it up with good content for all gamers around the world not just for those who have Mircosoft pc’s. Make it happend!

Thanks, hope to see this change in the future. (soon) :smiley:


Damn i got excited for sec there. i would’ve loved to play some csgo on my phone


For a sec there* ? What you ment, nah MacOS is for Mac’s you know, I just dont write it all the time, glad you found time to read my message :slight_smile:


these fuckers never reply so its a waste of time