Anticheat doesnt run cuz hyper-v


You need to disable Hyper-V to launch FACEIT AC

Same here. This is actually pretty ridiculous. I’m an Android dev and emulation software requires Hyper-V services to be on in order to launch a virtual device. Am i supposed to reboot twice to turn it on and off after each game?

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same, i need hyper-v for android emulation, this sucks, gonna unsub from faceit until this is fixed

well… is there a way to run the AC with Hyper-V already? I know (probably) why Hyper-V is disabled, but, you really need to up your AC game anyway, and holding back legitimate users that need Hyper-V to be on for work related stuff is just plain stupid.

why? need to run docker containers, docker needs hyper-v to be ON in order to work. no hyper-v no docker.

plz help me :_:
i did like everything do disable hyper-v but it stills tells me that error :CCCC