Anti-Cheat ruins microphones?

Without the anti-cheat, say in normal MM or even in Faceit “free”, I can play CSGO & use my microphone fine. Without any issues. In addition, I can go to the “Sounds” tab on Windows & open the “Recording Devices” section, and adjust settings there without any problems.

Once I run the Anti-cheat, however… dear god.

I can’t talk in-game suddenly, my microphone stops working all across the board, and when I go to “Sounds” on Windows & then try to open “Recording Devices”… the ENTIRE WINDOW freezes up. I have to manually close the whole window, and it is literally impossible to open up “Recording Devices” without the entire PC becoming extremely laggy.

When I turn off the Anti-cheat & close the program, suddenly my microphone works again & everything is normal. I can open “Recording Devices” & adjust settings without anything freezing up or lagging.

I guess RIP to the idea of playing FaceIT premium? I’ll have to cancel my subscription if this doesn’t get fixed, and go back to ESEA.