Anti- cheat in free Faceit


Hello i wanted to ask Faceit why do I have to download the Anti cheat after playing 1 game of Faceit Free version and some people with over 100 matches dont have to download it. Second When u say free Faceit doesnt require Anti cheat then why some ppl have to download at least if u make free users download the AC put us in a game with people who all also have AC on so its a Fair match TY


People who’s been reported repeatedly could get a Anti-cheat force on them due to the fact.
It’s fair by making sure everyone is playing legit.

Join the premium queue and everyone has it forced. But i agree there is a bit of hypocrisy when they want people to enjoy their platform for free yet they force the anti-cheat even at queues where it overall is not required, kinda weird but it’s measure to get rid of cheaters i guess, though i still would like everyone to have it forced so even people in the free queues can feel the legitimate play… the major factor why people like to play on faceit is because of the anti-cheat and more legit players.

Faceit ac ERROR

The reason I joined FACEIT was to be rid of cheaters. Why even join when not everybody is forced to use anti-cheat? Tthat doesn’t make any sense to me.