Anti cheat improvement and fbi system


i feel like there is a lot to do with the anti cheat and fbi system still, i know cheats are some times hard to detect but there must be some things that every cheat has, some sort of simular code, if whe have 20 diffrent “undedecteble” cheats o doubt that every single cheat has a 100% diffrent code, there must be some thing that is the same in every single cheat that can be detected.

And the fbi system is not working i have c:a 1300 matches on fbi system and no matter how many or how much i reportor what i report them for i dont see a impovment in players behaviour out of those played matches on the fbi system c:a 50-100 matches has been completely free from toxic players. i have been banned 3 times for unsportsmanlike behaviour when i have not done any thing the time around those macthes where i have been banned i got mostly new players with way less hours and matches played and some players who started trowing in 1-4 round, i have opened support tickets for every time i got banned and every single ticket when i was not banned took c:a one day but every time i got banned the person was “out of work” and i got the same person answering my tickets every time.

and its so anoying playing with all these new players i should be in lvl 7-10 but its imposible to get out when you are only geting toxic new comers who dot understand how the game works. and every one saying if you are so good why dont you carry every game then, bcos its a team game it doesnt matter if i have 25kills before half time if we still lose. the only thing that matters is witch team that gets to 16 rounds first.


That would be nice! Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There’s no common thread running between every single cheat / exploit / etc. If there was, there would be no such thing as a cheat!

It may not seem like it on a personal level, especially in the lower FACEIT levels, but the FBI has been working since we released it. We have seen a huge change in player behaviour across the whole platform, especially when a player is being reported. Being warned that your behaviour will affect if you can continue to play on FACEIT really has turned a lot of players around in the grand scope.

There is a definitely room for improvement with these products, and we are constantly updating, upgrading, and learning from previous iterations all across FACEIT. I hope that the new year can bring you a new experience while playing, and it starts to look up for you!


that is what you whant to think but its not the truth.

  1. change max amount of premade in premium to 2 instedof 3, why? bcos the 3 premade is going to get the last guy on there side and kick they should not get the advantage of kick. and change so premium q is solo que and premade que is from 2-5 players required to playistead of full premade. and if you dont what to do that then keep the full premade que change and change so there is a premade que for 2-5 players and the normal preamium que is solo que only
    (maybe alow max preamade of 2 but never put 2x2 premade in one team)

  2. fix the que system so 70% is elo and 30% is matches played.

  3. and fix the fbi system add troll and throw to report option change toxic ban to 24h, troll and throwing ban to 1week. and if some one gets reported and banned for no reason and send a ticket for it dont wait to the ban to get removed to answer.


One of the reasons why 4-man parties are not allowed in CS:GO 5V5 PREMIUM is the fact that parties of four were constantly kicking the solo players which was an abuse, therefore, as you can see FACEIT has already adjusted premium queue in order to lower the risk of vote kick system misuse.

I do hope that what you have described is not going to happen or is going to be extremely rare case.

I think you are missing the bigger picture here. You need to understand how making those changes would affect the matchmaking system as a whole.

If there was a queue which would allow only parties with minimum of two players (2-5), there are only two ways a team could be created:

  • 5 players premade
  • 2 players party + 3 players party

That would increase the risk of long queue time and unbalanced games. Besides that, another reason why FACEIT adjusted premium queue and created a seperate premade queue is the fact that people who were not playing as 5-man premade did not want to play against 5-man premades. Therefore, I do not think a lot of 2/3-man parties would be happy about a queue like that.


  • 5-man premades are not allowed in CS:GO 5V5 PREMIUM, because players who were not playing as 5-man premade did not want to play against them
  • 4-man parties are not allowed in CS:GO 5V5 PREMIUM, because they were constantly kicking the solo players which was an abuse
  • SOLO, DUO and TRIO queuers are allowed in CS:GO 5V5 PREMIUM, because it makes for balanced games (as much as possible) and short queue time

I do not think anyone waits for the ban to expire before replying to a ticket. There is a lot of tickets to reply and that is time consuming. It takes time to get to the ticket. That is one of the reasons why automated systems like FBI were created, so that Support Representatives can handle tickets efficiently and not spend their time on issues which could have been dealt with otherwise.


it have happened 3 times for me, and i have been kicked 4 times in less then 4 days for no reason at all.


i know but there shoud be some thing in comon in every cheat that is hard to see(or hiden).
but if that is not the case then why cant we just force the ac on every one i dont see why ppl are basically allowed to cheat even if its on nonpremium faceit, the “server sided” anti cheat is very bad, and players can cheat without being detected untill they get reported forced to use the client that makes it harder to cheat but its still posible and to force ac in normal faceit and in premium.


Please take a look at Can faceit do that everyone must use anti-cheat?