Anti cheat bug


Hello today im here to talk about my bug on csgo,(anti cheat bug)

basicly i was starting a game with my friends, with all programmes running (anti cheat; face it; csgo; etc…) and then i randomly got kick, and the message was saying (Anti cheat not running) when it was running… and it happened a lot of times. Next i restarted my pc and i got again kick by the same reason… So i was trying to fix it and I check the game’s completeness and then i tryed to connect and i finnaly could play the game, without got a kick… but im banned 30 minutes, and that’s not fair !!! because i was with anti cheat on and it always said it was not on. Pls help me and can you tell me why this bug happened?
I won the game and i didn’t receive the elo… i want it back