Allowed to play if two people use same account casually

Hello I am raymzed and got a question.
If two people are using the same account for playing casual CS:GO, but only one is playing FaceIt. Is the other one allowed to create a free CS:GO account for FaceIt only? And only plays FaceIt on that account. So the account would be steam lvl1 and even prime and enough hours.

I don’t understand you correctly but you can play Faceit with free CS GO

I meen, If I usually play on another account, but that account is not the one I play faceit with, but my friend. Am I allowed to create an account for faceit only? And thats the only one account I play faceit on.
I want to buy prime on it, but I really dont want to get banned for mutiple accs or sth. like that.

You can only register/use ONE Faceit account for one PC. You can use multiple steam accounts for sure.