All of the wins have been lost in faceit missions, will it be fixed?



i have lost all my wins in faceit missions and i have to start over why and what is causing this, and will it be fixed?


@DFMZ - Could you link me to the Steam account you’re trying to connect?




Oh sorry; I was responding to a lot of the same threads earlier. Didn’t mean to send you my previous reply.

The team is aware of the issue with missions and it’s due to a deployment that went out on Friday. The team’s wokring on it now, and your wins will be restored. Apologies for the inconvience.




@kaostic how long it will take when missions are restored back? im just thinking that i cant get faceitpoints what i should get in end of the month…


Take a look at this thread: Mission Reset Thread


how long this takes to get fixed if i can ask? im just wondering will i lose those points if fix isint finished at end of the month…




Your account was already submitted to the team and should have been fixed by now.


@kaostic oh thanks alot now its fixed