AFK Ban bug/failure



Hi, a little while ago I connected to the match and it was still in the warm-up. I did alt+tab the game just close unnecessary programs before playing than I opened the game back and the match was canceled and I got ban.
It wasn’t something more than 45 seconds and I was already connected to the server was staying in the spawn. I am completely sure that I was connected in time and I did not deserve this ban. Clearly, this was a bug and my ban is unfair mistake. I am requesting that my ban should be removed. I’m standing by my words and you can check the canceled match as you wish.


When you exit the game tab, the timer stops and the timer continues when you check again.
This is because the devs forgot to include some basic code, such as new date().


Since English is not my native language I couldn’t get what did you mean at all. My old bans until this one was deserved and I have nothing to say about that but I got 8 hours of ban because of this bug. I am not making up things or asking for a “favor”. I just want this mistake being fixed because 8 hours is such a long time for it and I don’t have enough time for it. I don’t take any responsibility for this ban and i hope it will be lifted. Thank you