Admins please read this

ok i know im not getting unbanned (would like to) but i really want to know how the FBI report system is sometimes due to me getting a new pc i cannot sign in to my main account (admin is currently or should have deactivated this account) so i had to make a new account as in doing so people in the lower levels of faceit seem to be more ‘crazy’ and will tend to report you for anything as my last game included trolls with 8kills flaming me and blocking me from going to sites and saying they are going to report me so when i ask why they reply ’ because you retard or noob’ as I’m writing this in unbanned because i have falsely been accused of unsportsmanlike conduct and as im writting this im currently making a video from my past demos showing these toxic players who have reported me and it includes them saying im reporting you for being english and noob again and abuse as the report sytem as they felt like reporting me for no reason just writting as i have my only day of and now im banned so instead im making the video what i will upload later and link so you admins can see how my ban is absurd.

My account:

why is there nether a response :frowning:

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