Administration and community please read this. I think you have never seen something like this before


ADMINISTRATION, DO NOT IGNORE THAT REPORT PLEASE!!! This player was my teammate and he was afk about 4-5 rounds in the begining, we didnot said any word to him about this, when he start to play he just tell all information about our team positions. But it is not all. When we start to play T side and he has got the bomb he just not drop it, not die, not plant, play safe to loose the round. We understand it and start trying to kill all the enemies to win, we kill 4 guys, and i start to search last guy but he kills me, then this teammate was in one on one clutch, he just take his knife and goes to die. By the way he still wrote in chat all the information. Dear administration, i’ve never seen such guys before and i cant imagine my teammates could do like this. We win this game, but now i have no wish to play. Thank you if u read this. And big thank you if u watch the demo of this game and ban this person permanent. I believe in u. Bye and sorry for my english.

Nickname: andrey6k

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This is the demo of a game.