Admin wild goose chase <3



Admins for the Faceit have literally sent me through a wild goose chase for two days keeping my hopes up high for signing up for a specific tournament(MDL). If i have done something wrong to deserve having two days of my time wasted due to the fact admins keep pulling with a string. I have been playing with a team for a while we wanted to play the MDL but due to the fact that i am in jordan at the moment i was not allowed to play in it. (There is another team that has two Russian players they were still allowed to enter the tournament). So i dont see why i was not allowed to enter. Anyway we have 4 players from the EU (two from UK, and other two are from Germany and Romanian). So we meet the requirements of have you need to have 3 players located in the EU region to play a EU qualifier. But alas the message we got replyed with is -

(Many thanks for your email. your ticket number is (427062) - so sit tight and our support team will respond asap.

To add additional comments, or update your request simply reply to this email.

At least have the humanity to say you do not fit requirements or we wont help u cuz we dont want to we will wait til the checkin ends and still do nothing.