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I would just like to suggest adding a block feature to make it so users don’t get matched up with people who they have a bad record playing with/against. I was matched with a player who would kill themselves in spawn and call out the position in the text chat while playing CS:GO. It was not fun for anyone and ruin both the games I played tonight. I never want to play with this individual again, but cannot guarantee I won’t. So therefore I am reluctant to play again for the time being.


Only option:


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Привет MeechAlt, спасибо что связались с FACEIT!
К сожалению подбор игроков идёт по формуле The Faceit Behavior Index

Почему этот игрок вам попался ? Возможно вы тоже не совсем порядочный игрок и ваш индекс поведения был опущен, а возможно этот игрок испытывал не совсем хороший день, но я вас уверяю что подобные игроки получают по заслугам, вам стоит лишь отправить жалобу на игрока после окончания матча как посоветовали в ответе выше

Приятных вам игр на FACEIT
by FLore1N

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Hi MeechAlt thanks for contacting FACEIT!
Unfortunately, players are selected according to the formula ** The Faceit Behavior Index **

Why did you get this player? Perhaps you are also not a completely decent player and your behavior index has been omitted, and perhaps this player was experiencing a not-quite-good day, but I assure you that such players get what they deserve, you should just send a complaint to the player after the end of the match as advised in the answer above

Enjoy your games on FACEIT
by FLore1N

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