Add PUBG DUO to Leagues and Ladders (And new Maps?)



PUBG on Face-it is growing and I like it.
If there is a possibility to add more options to the playing members DUO in PUBG would also be really nice. Most of the times when you are joining squads with randoms it is rarely that the team sticks together and in some cases it’s impossible to take the challenge against squads of 4.

Besides that, maybe add Sanhok and Vikindi to the Mappool. This will be really great especially for Solo and Duo. Squads however the maps will be to small.

PS. I saw your team is changing the SOLO PUBG Ladder points, great stuff. That will increase the pace… GJ to that!


I would love to see all the maps and game modes as well, even Sanhok for squads. Why is this not an option?