I have already written 2 sections. In the first one I asked to deactivate - they said to remember the accounts to which the Steam account is linked. In the second, I wrote - I do not remember any accounts, untie my Steam account so that I can play normally. I answered - read the forum. It is written on the forum, if you forgot to which accounts your Steam account was linked to, please contact support and we will deactivate it. I’m contacting you, please remove my Steam account from other faceit accounts so that I can play normally.
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They solved what you asked?


I would say half. They let me know what my problem was, but they didn’t decide it. I have already said that I do not remember that I create any accounts on the facet, but writes to me that my account is already attached. I just ask to untie my account Steam from another account. I can confirm that I have access to the account Steam, etc…


You still need to contact with support.