I just linked wrong steam account to my faceit account, can i change my steam id in my faceit profile? Just i linked account has no games, i want to link my main account.


Hey @Warsch.

Game accounts do not get removed from FACEIT profiles and you cannot change them. Your best bet is to contact FACEIT Customer Support, explain them what has happened and ask them to deactivate your account. After account deactivation, you will be able to create a new FACEIT account with a new Steam ID.

You can submit your support ticket here.

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Steam ID count as Game account? And if i do mistake i cant change it?


@Warsch Please contact FACEIT Customer Support and they will answer all your questions and assist you with your issue.


How long does it take to wait for an answer? I created a request on Friday


I do not know, but please wait patiently and do not create more than one request about the same issue.


Thanks for answer.