AC client


I’ve heard Faceit is way better than Valve Match Making - like there would be less cheaters in Faceit than in MM. By this far I haven’t spotted any difference in 5v5 Faceit match making, since it can be played without AC. 128 trickrate serers and better anti-cheat was the main reason for me and my friends to start playing here, couple of my friends bought Premium subscriptions and I was about to do the same - until they told me Premium user has to play with AC on. That would be no issue at all if I only was able to install the client. I bought the CSGO sub just to support Faceit and keep playing without client, now I’d like to have some support from Faceit Crew.

I’ve read multiple threads at this forum with no answer from Support, like what’s the point in having a feedback forum where crew doesn’t take any part in with the given feedback? Fair enough there’s shitload of threads where people just stir their shit, but there’s a lot of factual threads as well. When polite feedback has no answer at all it honestly shows how interested you are in given feedback. Do you even read these? If this thread gets no answer from support I’m literally loosing my hope and my subscription will come to its end, there’s just no point in continuing it furthermore.

So I’m playing with a Macbook with osx, bootcamping Windows is not an option. I would buy the Premium subscription instantly if there were a client for other operation systems than Windows. The game supports Linux and osx, why aren’t you? I’m glad I’m not that good or any sort of toxic player so people would give negative feedback after matches, I’m concerned though people will give the negative feedback anyways because… well you all know how CSGO community is alike. If I’ve understood it correctly, Faceit is using “TrustFactor”-ish system to automatically divide people to groups who have to use AC and who can still play without it. With certain amount of false reports people would fall in this group where AC is mandatory and if their operation system wasn’t Windows, the game would be over straight away.

So, why there’s no client for Linux and osx? I read somewhere you were working on it on 2016 already, it’s nearly 2019 and still there’s no client - are you still working on it? Even though games aren’t working well with Mac, gaming with Mac is actually a thing.

Someone said SoStronk would be better than Faceit but I doubt, one thing I noticed they had better was their interest to help people. They aren’t having any client for Linux and osx either, but they were honest about the situation of it at their forum, there were threads with people asking about AC and there were answers from support where they said they had a nearly working beta version of it with issues in autoupdates. So there’s no client in use either - yet - but they are seriously working on it and they are informing about their development and care about their customers.

Just saying if there were a client for Linux and osx, you’d get way more Premium subscriptions.

I hope this wont be yet another thread with no answer from support. Thanks for your time if you read this, I know I’m not the first one with a similar thread and guess I wont be the last one either.


And now it happened, I need AC to be able to play and I play with Mac, I can’t install Anti-Cheat!

Come on can I get some answer to this?


I cancelled my subscription and I was filling that lovely feedback form and suddenly the page decided I was inactive, I had to click on that alert and boom - feedback form was gone. I’ll leave my feedback this way then:

We were warming up for a match on Mirage but one enemy team player didn’t care to connect, after that we weren’t able to try to find another opponent for a match because we were told I needed a AntiCheat client. There’s the issue - I would have bought Premium subscription already but I play with Macbook and there is no client for Mac - I can’t install Anti-Cheat! I bought game subscription just for support but now it’ll definitely going to end. Please answer, why there’s no client for Mac even though the game itself supports other operation systems than Windows? Why from all of a sudden I need the AntiCheat client after a game I was able to join but never even begun because of enemy?