Ac Client bullshit


In just a few clicks you come across a site that sells a cheat that bypasses your customer as well as the customer esea saw the membership number the high levels on faceit must be cancer why not take a look and blacklist their method ? [Mod Removed]


Cheats or Illegal Activities

No cheat sources or illegal activities will be prompted to discussed within the FACEIT forums. Any discussions or promotions seen will be removed and the user(s) in question reprimanded severely.

Please keep in mind that, while your intentions may be innocent and you’re just trying to bring a cheat or illegal activity to our attention, by doing so you are in turn promoting that in a public space. If you wish to report items like this, please open a support ticket.


@Insanity17x - I’ve removed part of your post that specifically names the cheat you’re referencing.

As @KeT0M has said, I would please ask that you refrain from breaching our Forum Guidelines by discussing (and linking too) cheats and hacks.

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