AC bug


Hi i need some help idk why but the forums get faster replies than support tickets here is the screenshot

all of us had the same glitch joining the server it said FACEIT AC MUST BE RUNNING. and all of the users were running faceit at least i was 100% and i was kicked

i would just like some help so i can know for sure if by the time my cooldown expires i can join and start playing i dont want the AC BUG to happen to me again thanks.


Hi @ry9n - this isn’t really something that we can help with on the forums. I can do general investigations, but anything about that would require the support team, and I believe in this case, it will take them.

I’m not aware of any issues with the AC at this time that would cause this error.


I just dont understand why faceit support takes days to reply to something that should have some serious concern when 5 users in one match get the same results from a bug you know?


I’m worried about joining another pug and attempting to play because if it happens again this time i might not be so lucky with the cool-down timer being ridiculous and i have a team to play with :L