AC bug with diskless (icafe8)


server and client both using windows 10 ltsc v1089 build 17763.55
diskless software : icafe8 v9.0.6.0

-installed ac in the gamedisk (F:), ac is working fine in the server but in the client it needs to restart (tried superuser but after restart it still needs to restart)
-tried tried installing the ac in the client’s disk (stuck at download updates/installing updates after restart)
-tried installing ac before uploading the image into the server (ac was working) but after uploading the image and boot from server the ac was stuck at download updates/installing updates
-tried different OS including latest updates for both server and client

tried all possible solutions i can find… still no fix…
since they release the update some months ago this disaster happen and its really stressing me out

hope the devs can find a update fix for this…


same as mine, hopefully it will be solved