Abusive admin

an admin banned user cloneALPHA because one of our teammates wanted us to use Teamspeak and we (three people, aka the majority) said no and that we prefered talking in game or through disccord. this player called the admin who said it was specified in the rulebook we were obligated to use teamspeak, which I checked and is not true. It says in the rulebook for the specific r6 tornament that we were playin that " 4.8.2. Teamspeak TeamSpeak usage is ALLOWED if the ​majority (4 out of 5) ​of players on the team agree to join TS. If a unanimous agreement is not found to use TS, discord MUST ​be used. Use the official R6TM TeamSpeak channels. This does not apply to ASIA and ANZ players as there is currently no TeamSpeak server allocated for ASIA and ANZ players." I believe cloneALPHA 's ban or any other of ours who were present in the lobby should be reverted on this situation.