Abusing Captain powers


I believe it should be made easier to demote team captains for not voting, and ban them for abusing their powers. This is something that involves everyone, captains just pick and ban whatever they like and dont even bother asking the other team members.
If i am queued with 2 friends, and our captain decides he is feeling fresh today and wants to play nuke on a sweden server even after the whole team spams the chat asking to ban sweden and ban nuke, isnt this grounds for a pretty lengthy ban? Shouldnt the captain bear a responsibility towards picking what is best for the team?
The worst thing i can recall was when we had a level 1 captain who just outright banned the most popular maps, and by some wonder we got to play dust 2. And in the match his only comms were “team go b”. He couldnt even do the most basic things in the map. Im not saying you should ban people for being bad but at least lets establish some sort of ground rules and ethics for team captains. This is irresponsibility at its finest. Making people want to quit before the match even starts. Here is what i wish:

  1. Make an automated cooldown for captains who dont vote.
  2. Make a ticket category for abusing captains powers which can be easily reviewed by looking at the rooms teamchat and ban order.
  3. Make it possible to cancel the match if more than 70% of the players dont want to play. This can be done before the server is even allocated. Just start a vote “Do you want to start this match”. If 7/10 vote no then there is probably something wrong with the match and its highly likely one or both captains are to blame.

I feel forced to waste an hour of my life trying to play a map with a team that has no clue what they are doing, just because 1 player thinks he is cute and wants to try something new. If i leave i get immediately punished. If i stay i will watch my elo and my nerves degrade.
I dont see this as something unreasonable or hard to implement. After all we just want to have fun and have the best chance at winning. Playing ct side on de_train and getting calls like “he is behind the train” feels the same as getting hit in the face with a keyboard. Its not fun.

I hope i dont cause trouble with this thread, its just something that has been bothering me. If other people share my views then maybe sth could be done. If im alone in this and everyone else thinks this is not an issue then i apologize in advance for writing this whole thing and wasting your time. Cheers and have a great week!