Abuse of administrative rights



Hello friends, my cousin got with such a problem, his account was banned for abuse of the ladders, giving 2 absolutely nothing proving the screen. He was accused of playing against the same people. And the truth is that he wrote every time in support when it happened and skipped the screen of how these people break the lobby or did not accept the game. The admin did not provide absolutely any evidence of dishonest play because he played honestly.I think this is the error to which led the irresponsible attitude of the administrator to his duties. I can provide correspondence with the administrator, in which zero evidence of his guilt and the rude attitude of the administration towards him. mail of my cousin muxin0304@yandex.ru . if this does not work, I’ll go on to challenge the ban in other ways.


Hi AllNeedWeed,
I’m afraid your question is OT on this section of the FACEIT Forum, which is dedicated to app and game developers. You’re better off inquiring in the Community Forum .