Abuse of administrative authority



it looks like a bad joke !!! I play on faceit every day and I get the same people, but what’s my fault if your platform has a little online … Prove to me that this is my violation and not a lack of a platform,7 games and 5 people in the search, if I get caught with them once in the next game they will again be in my lobby. I see absolutely no violations and no evidence of my dishonest game , only flawed platform. If you do not remove the ban, I will apply for support for the abuse of administrative rights.
sorry but

I sent a lot of screenshots and wrote to the admins in the lobby because every second game I came across with abusers who broke the lobby or fed opponents. I can not find a game for 20-30 minutes, I have nothing to do with them, I play by all rules and have purely sporting interest! Just check this information, I every time wrote addiminu in the lobby.

You banned the wrong person, please return everything back. I think it was because I played too much. I was added to friends and invited into groups, maybe they have something to do with it, but I followed purely sporting interests.

the reason for the ban is a second violation, I was not given a nonsense by the thought that I’m doing something wrong, let this be my lesson, I will only play with my friends.