Abuse in Faceit Premium Queues [Membership Cancellation]

Hey all,

It has come into my attention that the Premium queues are getting more toxic than ever. When I have initially bought Faceit premium and had no problems with players. Here and there I have been seeing toxic players whether it was in my team or enemy.

I have cancelled my subscription because of the number of toxic people in the Premium Queues, nothing is done about them as I get them frequently and most of the players would agree. It’s not like you will get 1 toxic person in a match out of 20 that you have played. Recently I had nearly 6 out of 10 matches where a highly toxic person was present. Some the matches the toxicity was over the top where people could be heard screaming “kill yourself”, “I hope you and your family dies” and the most constantly that is being heard is people screaming N-word at each other. Demotivating teammates by saying how bad their performance is, in round 2 people call gg, troll, run-down mid, shoot at each other etc.

The experience described above is not at a low level either these are players that are in lvl 10 of faceit. As a person that is playing solo to climb master rank to try and qualify for FPL-C Qualifiers, it’s almost impossible to qualify by playing solo without playing 300+ matches and hope that at least half of these matches will be in a pleasant environment.

Even matches that are won with a toxic person puts off people playing another game because they’re demotivated and have no fun from the game. That’s the reason why I decided to cancel my membership fully, after playing one match. Especially my first match where the experience is atrocious, it literally putts me off from playing another game for the whole day, it literally demotivates people.

At this point, I have tried reporting people through thumb system, but so far no results are being seen. I have been following their accounts and checking if they’ve been banned. Even people that I believe are using an aim assistance cheats are still playing the game to this day and have not been banned. On this short clip https://youtu.be/Od617-Fyj5k you can see that the player crosshair jumping up and down. I don’t know anyone that shoots like this.

I feel that there’s not enough faceit support staff to deal with that kind of problems, especially in a paid league environment where people are paying hard-earned money and are not being satisfied with the outcome.

To Faceit themselves; please look into it and reevaluate the way your support staff operates, there might be a need to employ more of them to deal with these enquiries. Because I feel like there’s not enough staff to accommodate that many matches daily where reports are made.