About some bugs in match (can`t switch a side)


Hello, weve just lost the game because of Faceit`s bags. We won knife round and tryed to say !switch in chat to play CT. But every time we did it, it had no affected on switching. So, we played T, but we wanted to play CT. Me and my mates reqiure change count of our ELO due to the fact, that it was one of the reason to lose. I can send you a video with that bag. Here s screenshot from this match, but I ll send you a vid anytime just to proof it.

Our team mates I played with:


Wait, are you seriously saying that you lost the game because you didnt get to start the game as CT?

Thats… not how you lose games man. The team choice does Not matter because even if it is what people call “CT Sided” its still the team with the most skill that wins.

Did you or your teammates get salty af and started screaming “gg! MY TEAMS ARE NOOBS” after 2-3 eco rounds because they got tilted they didnt get to choose the lol “superiour” team?

Yeah, thats probably what made you lose, not which team you started as. Its called Tilting The Entire Team By Being Toxic. Its what loses games in 8/10 situations as the team choice only loses games in 0.1/10 times :slight_smile:

Better luck next time


Dude, we played as team with good voice communication and we was friends so it didnt matter. CT side is stronger and it was easier to play it for us. But we had no ability despite we had won the knife round. Its so stupid when you can`t just change your side due to the bags. Im not talking about taking ELO from enemies, but devs have to give our ELO back. I think that the match result depends of choosing right side at the beggining. If u were me and lost game because of it, you would understand me. Its just dishonest to left us without ELO due to that bag…


I get what you mean now,. i think i misunderstood your first post because of what date it was.

I still dnt think that the side you start on has anything to do with iof you win or not, that the wins actually matter because of a teams playstyle and knowledge about the game and playing at non-stanafrd ways to catch peopole off guard a bit more often but its bad that the site bugged out so you couldnt actually choose the site you prefer