A Real Ranking System



There needs to be a REAL ranking system that Faceit uses to match people up for their games. Countless times I’ve been in VERY unfair games because of the gap in ranks. I’m talking about people who on their first game are playing against 3 level 10’s. This shouldn’t happen, and I personally will stop putting money into faceit if there isn’t a change on this subject. Rival companies like ESEA has implemented it, I don’t understand how Faceit HAS ranks but fails to match them up.


Completely agree. I’ve stopped playing faceit now because of just how bad the MM system is. I simply can’t deal with it any longer. I love faceit to death in reference to its open conversation with its customers. But in comparison to ESEA’s MM system, it’s complete garbage. Canceling my subscription and playing esea till you guys make a better mm system.

FaceIt, you guys are better then ESEA in almost every other way. I sincerely hope you fix this. This is something that cannot be ignored for you guys.