A bit stupid ban ("unsportsmanlike conduct"). Faceit support, help please



Hello, my nick on Faceit is F_Azimut. And i played many games yeastarday, then i went to sleep. I tried to start match on Faceit few moments ago and now i can see: “You are banned from PUG until Sun Mar 18 20:07:56 UTC 2018. Reason: unsportsmanlike conduct”. It was a BIG surprise for me, i werent toxic. I was just calmy playing games, but csgo is the game of emotions and sometimes i were writing to the chat: “Fuck”;“FU”;“ofc”;“sure”;“nc camping”;“rat” and nothing more. Yea, i am so sorry about that and i won’t say like that anymore, but i think it doesnt deserve a ban (especially this ban could goes on for 3months). Faceit support, understand me please… My profile: https://www.faceit.com/ru/players/F_azimut


This ban has already been lifted. It expired yesterday at 8:07PM, as indicited in your previous post.