5v5 matchmaking SEA queues


The new queue system where u are automatically placed in queue if someone doesn’t join a match after accepting and map vote is extremely helpful. i think the time allowed for accepting 2nd match and so on (until all people connect and start the match) must be extended. I think the time given is approximately 25-30 sec (please do correct me if I’m wrong). The reason it must be extended is some people who play on low performance PC’s or Laptops face the problem of closing the game faster to accept the match as the performance of the PC is low and it takes time to close the game and open the client to accept the match. If the person is using the web version in the browser in steam in game overlay it’s fine but those who don’t do so and truly want to play the game get unnecessarily removed from the queue. This results in longer time to find matches as I use faceit premium and still wait for 6-7 minutes for a match sometimes.