5v5 is broke


To much hackers here, cant rank up or anything when u win 1 game and then u get rekt by an fucking wallhacker, but the side dont care money is working, Right? :wink:


Hey @Deneo - You can report cheaters by using thumbs down feature in the match room when the game ends. Please read this support article:

Also, there’s a public ban list - https://beta.faceit.com/en/bans. This list shows players that have been banned due to the identification of cheating.

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Now for real, this fucking Report system is crap, its the same like cs go, Get banned get a new acc for 2€ FUCKING 2€!!! and hack here again, This side even dont care about an vac bann, I can play here with my old acc with vac bann HMMMM !!!
Today i would play 2-3 games, yea i played3 games only vs ppl with cs go lvl 3-6 non prime 50-100hours only headshots, yea this anticheat is soooooo amazing. GUYS DO SOMETHING HOLY CRAP

just fuck cs go.