5 Man stack free que only




I’m kind of blown away about how stupid Faceit feels right now.

Who in their right mind forces a 5 man stack to que in the free matchmaking category when we all obviously pay to avoid new accs, boosters and cheaters?

I have had few encounters in the 5v5 prem que with suspicious people or obvious boosters. However, after a night with a 5 man stack team we’ve encountered several sketchy people because we are FORCED to que in the non-premium que. Don’t mix this up with me being sore about loosing, because we won majority of them. But there’s always one or two guys in the opposite team shooting on fake jumps, becoming master lurkers when loosing etc.

You have a working Anti-cheat which is free. Why in the hell do you even have the option for people to play without it? and why in the hell do you punish a group of people by forcing them to que in the free mm, without anti-cheat, because they happen to be a group of 5 people in a game designed to be played as a team of 5???

We are seriously considering not paying anymore until this problem is fixed some how. People who doesn’t like Faceit anti-cheat or have anything against playing with it on, can always go and play MM. Don’t force people who actually pay to play here to que against freebies and on servers that doesn’t require people to use your custom made anti-cheat.

That this even is a thing is mind-blowing.