4v5 Waste of money

I was playing a game of battalion. I’ve got like 20 hours on the game and matched with 2 people on my team that was their first game.

MIND You, I pay for premium to have priority and queue against other premium members, and not people’s first game.

Before the game even started, a guy on my team said “this is my first game.” and then we proceeded to start the game and knife round. We lost the knife round, and he left the game, never reappeared. I now lost elo for a game because It was 4v5 which is insanely hard to do because I’m suppose to be vsing people that are around my rank, aren’t I?

Even when I do really good (against people that are similar elo to me) and we lose cause its 4v5 I lose elo, and gain nothing. Nothing was my fault, in their leaving the game. I did good in the game too. Super unbalanced.

Not even like I can control a bot cause there is no bots in battalion if we have a leaver.

I paid $10 for premium for this? Lol, what a joke. I want a refund. I’ll just play without premium if this happens, cause clearly premium does nothing then.