429 - Too Many Requests (bug?)



I have a third party website where I list all coming and past tournaments by a specific organizer. When the index page loads, I download the tournaments using the calls listed bellow.


The problem is that I get a 429 almost every call. I started up the web server for the first time in about 20 hours, which means that I haven’t sent a single API request for 20 hours.

I read in another thread that it is capped at 10,000 per hour, but that should have been reset by now since I haven’t sent a single request for so long. Still it tells me I have made too many requests. Why is that?


Same problem for me. When I start to get 429 errors, I am getting it for every subsequent call regardless of back off time. I have encountered the issue in player statistics and matches of tournaments.


Request support ticket because everyone is complaning about this.