404 client not found errors


I am receiving a huge amount of 404 error, especially from stat retrieval. Is it related to the removal of old match stat from the system?


Hi quancore,
can you provide more details about the call?



Sorry for late response problem is that when I collect match ids from tournaments and then try to get match stats using these ids, I am getting 404 error.Here is an example using your api interface:
[image removed]


Hi quancore
(I’ve removed the image you posted as your apikey was visible).

You were asking stats for the match 81bd5b5f-fc58-463b-841b-696196e5d308 and you got 404.
This is perfectly normal as this match was never played: it’s a match against a bye.
To be more clear, this kind of matches are created when there aren’t enough teams for the brackets tournaments (9 teams in the round of 16 in that case).

You can find the bracket of the tournament here

My advice is to always check if faction_id is equal to bye_player and avoid a call to stats endpoint in that case.