3 Cheater on one game or maybe just 2


just watch this demo, round 10 im coming from behind he know that im coming excatcly, Watch scarlet a few rounds he aimlock and wallhack. Round 25 or something i sneak out of palace and rubenn know excatcly when he need to pick firebox. There are 3 Guys CHEATING blatant on faceit with anti cheat WTF is going on…
https://www.faceit.com/en/players-modal/baka-inf- WALLHACK you just need to watch a few rounds on CT where he push short and insta shoot me in the kitchen corner. same he did while i stay on one off angle know he push short and he preaim perfectly on me.
https://www.faceit.com/en/players-modal/ScaRRlet_ He use some aimhack dont hide it and i think wallhack to. you just need to watch a few rounds on CT side to see it its really blatant.


Provide specific rounds and suspect name.


I did it allready no idea what round exactly but round 10 Very strange he killing me and know that im coming house. He could Plant the Bomb he have nearly 20sec after im coming and he just wait blatant on corner and kill me he dont even try to check other parts of the map where i can come from i think its caka this round who did this but im not sure about him cheating maybe baka call him this. Then on CT side round 20-25 all fishy round from Baka and Scarlett o,O its blatant you just need to watch the guys on CT side a few round its enough. We Stay both in kitchen he shoot through the box from short on me he couldn even see me xD and scarlett give only headshot he use some aimhack. Just watch the last 6 or 7 Rounds on there CT side o,O Same when Baka come 2 Times from SHORT where we plant the bomb on B he know Exctacly the OFF angle where im staying and waiting for him, he dont even check house or car or bench he just know that im waiting little bit in front of kitchen window he shoot me first with awp before im aim him down xD Take your time and watch the demo on where we plant the bomb its enough…


so i guess cheating on faceit is normal and ok nice to know!