2 toxic in 1 game



i’m playing game and 2 guys just ruin it. One of them spinned in 4 rounds and second muted and giving info for other team


Report them!


I reportded,but is there any benefit from it? I lost Elo and broke a circle, and these two will remain unpunished (although one has almost 400 matches, and the other has more than 1000, but they still play)


If team report them they will get: Unsportsmanlike Conduct 1 Day - 3 Months
You think they play without punishment but mainly they get 1 day ban if there was multiple reports in few matches in a row.


but why should i suffer?


You are not the only one.
I actually dont know why in LVL4 people still throwing.

Your only option is to report them! Even live Admin will tell you the same.