2 Matchmaking problems that need to be fixed @ the client NOW


As most people voiced there are 2 things that stopped me from getting more than 1 month of premium @FaceIT

  1. Solo/Duo-queing against 5man stacks - this should never happen, like ever.
  2. Level limtation. I see lvl10 masters that boost their league ELO by queing with low levels. lvl10+lvl1 / lvl10+lvl5. Maybe this would be fine(still not fine for me) on non-payed leagues. But am I am(was) a paying user, I shouldn’t be facing these players.


same here still stuck at find server IP room now please fix it faceit


what c0ndu says is a big problem…
5 premades with kda of 1.3/1.4 vs 3 randoms and 2 premades with kda 0.9…
how can that even happen…

  • but the worst part is why the fuck am i everygame with polish or russians???
    seriously i need a fucking honest answer on that one???