1 versus 1 tournament format


I was considering setting up a 1on1 tournament via faceit. Is that possible and if not, do you have plans to adding this feature? I was looking to host future maps in this way as mini 1on1 tournaments.

Tournament creation needs 1v1 OPTION!

Hey @AKTrashheap - you should be able to create a tournament by:


Competitions > Join / Create > Create Competition > Create Tournament


Below the Play button > Join or Create > Create Competition > Create Tournament


I only see the option for 5vs5. Is there something i am missing?


Hey @AKTrashheap - Apologies, I completely missed the “1v1” part of this. At this time, we do not offer players the ability to create 1v1 tournaments. I’ll add it to my feedback report for this week and see what the team say :slight_smile:


Thanks Kris for your super fast response.

I hope this is a feature you guys are willing to exploit because we have plans of making a unique 1on1 style experience later this year and this platform seems to be perfect for doing serious tournaments.

Enjoy your day, dude!


I was also looking to create 1v1 tournaments regularly with viewers off my stream.
I hope this feature will return.

Thank you in advance.


Would be top cool and mega attractive for all, if it was possible to make 1v1 tournaments