0 elo points for a winning game?


I just won a game, but they gave up after 12-1. I got 0 elo points for it. Ranks were pretty equal. No tecnical issues or anything.

Someone help me understand. eaa4b0413bdf6fb0c73f4de71038f66b

This is a curve ove 2 x 1208 elo.
dont laugh at my rank tho.


Hey @ham1k - what you’re seeing here is the same issue I’ve outlined here:

You were on 1208, then lost a game. Then you won a game and, by chance, won the exact same Elo you lost in the previous game.


This can not be the case at all. I lost the elo from the game before and dropped to 1208. On the curve it says exactly 1208 to 1208 elo. The game you showed me does not even have me present in that game (im ham1k and always been, I dunno what game you referring to tbh. And I’ve never been in that elo ranking I think. You can see it on the stats that I go from 1208 - 1208. Others in my team have that rank updated. I follow my elo whenever I win/lose a game because im interested in going +/- 25 or whatever it goes. Fix my elo tbh. i should get 25 like the rest from my team.


Anyways, don’t bother. It’s just weird, and I see where you going with the match ID’s. The link you gave me made no sense. sorry for not reading carefully the first time. ty